Thank you for listening

Thank you for listening:  three writing, publication, spoken word and recording (audio and video) projects with partner organisation Jesuit Social Services.

Thank you for listening @ WISP

Thank you for listening @ The Artful Dodgers Studios 

Thank you for listening @ Support After Suicide

Launch of Thank you for listening @ Support After Suicide

Thank you for listening:  all three projects will be produced as stand alone projects but will be thematically linked through the exploration of the issues people experience when they feel silenced.  

Artist statement:  I have been exploring the topic of silence through my artistic and community cultural development work for over twenty years.  I have worked extensively with those who have been 'locked out' of our society - be it via incarceration, mental health, drug and alcohol misuse, grief, social isolation, shame and/or loss.  The work that I make is driven by a belief that words, language and expression are vital to our understanding of the world.

This project has been funded by the Australia Council - Community Partnerships - Creative Producer, Arts Victoria, City of Yarra





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