Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces by Rebecca Lister

Cast -  Joanne Davies, Michael Treloar, Beverley Geldard, Rebecca Lister

Directed by Terry Jaensch  

Bit and Pieces:  One story - four monologues - Beaten, Stayed, Fixed and Left that explore the psychological, emotional and sociological dimensions of a woman's decision to leave her husband and child.

"I found myself moved and surprised by Bits and Pieces.  Lister’s deceptively simple but clever structuring of four monologues slowly and simultaneously, weaves together and unravels a complex patchwork of story, character, psychology and emotion that radiates from one central action.  In her usual clear language, Bits and Pieces is challenging, engaging, humorous, bleak, warm and shattering. This is a tight work whose surface accessibility invites us into a relational vortex whose centre, the act of a woman leaving her child, is perhaps one of the most inaccessible and avoided questions of our society.  I believe it’s an important work that opens up important conversations about how we define women, mothers and families.  And how we respond to people who challenge the status quo definitions."  Catherine Ryan, Theatre Maker

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