If I Should Die Before I Wake

The story of three women - a mother and her two adult daughters. Joan, at 75, has recently been diagnosed with cancer. She has always cared for Gillian, her intellectually disabled daughter, but now she and her other daughter, Isabelle, have to face the inevitable question of Gillian's long-term welfare.  

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Script extract

"The writing is incredibly sparse where it needs to be, creating an enormous repressed emotionality, which accumulates to the very affecting end. At the same time it captures the natural ebb and flow of intimate conversation, using words not so much to convey meaning as to describe relationships." Maude Davey, Artistic Director, Vitalstatistix National Women's Theatre.

Registered with the Australian Script Centre 


Gillian Anderson: Tracy Harvey

Joan Anderson: Maggie Millar

Joan Anderson: Annie Phelan  (Victorian tour)

Isabelle Anderson: Margot Knight

Director:   Joy Mitchell

Set Design: Nicola McGaan

Lighting Designer: Bernard Angell